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Wildlife Removal Services

Hurricane Irma Offer:

We will offer FREE post hurricane animal damage control inspections. We will make sure Irma did not provide rodents and wildlife new entries to your home

Nuisance Wildlife Trapping | Wildlife Removal Services | Lakeland, FL

Nuisance Wildlife Trapping

Complete Home Inspections | Wildlife Removal Services | Lakeland, FL

Complete Home Inspections

Infared Video Surveillance| Wildlife Removal Services | Lakeland, FL

Infared Video Surveillance

All Services Guaranteed!

When you are looking for quality service, doesn’t it make sense to deal with the company’s owner, not an overworked, under-trained technician?

It’s a simple concept that works: Your satisfaction is our priority.

We want every client to be comfortable referring us to their friends and family. Your families health and safety are our utmost concern. Our next consideration is the welfare of the wildlife in our care. We want to ensure their survival and well-being.

We are well versed in each species breeding cycles and environmental needs. Each animal will be released into an area where he/she will readily find all of their dietary and environmental needs, yet not find their way back to your home.


Owner Operated


Always Humane

Wildlife Removal Services to Fit Every Need!


Nuisance Wildlife Trapping


Animal Damage Control


Animal Exclusions


Complete Home Inspections

Infrared Wildlife Video Surveillance


Effective Final Removing Step

Infrared surveillance is a very effective final step when removing a large population of rodents or other wildlife.


Guarantees No Animals Are Trapped In Your House

It will confirm the absence of animals before we begin exclusion work. Guaranteeing no animals are trapped inside your home to cause more damage.


Helps to Confirm Captures

When trapping outdoors it helps control animal damage. We can observe the area and confirm we are capturing the offending animal.

Meet Sage!

Our Canine Wildlife Remover

Sage performs two functions. She will locate animals or carcasses in inaccessible areas so they can be removed.


She locates animals or carcasses in inaccessible areas so they can be removed.


When trapping is not an option, she uses her aptitude for herding to train nuisance animals away from a given area.