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The Amazing Bat

Here is a bit of valuable bat information. No one can dispute the benefit of a single mammal, the size of a house mouse, that is able to consume hundreds of mosquitos in a single evening.

Bats are unique in that they are the only mammal with the capability of flight.  Quite an amazing feat, and the very reason bats have the reputation of sleeping upside down.  While they will cling in a secluded dark area upside down is not always their sleeping position, but upright is not even a possible position.  You see in order for a mammal to fly he makes great concessions in bone density, so much so, that he would, inevitably, injure or break his leg bones, if he attempted to bear his body weight on them.

Most bats as dwell in large colonies, however there are several species of solitary bats.  Young are born and reared between April 15 and August 15, in Florida.  During which time it is not permitted to disturb or remove them from their roosting area.

The potential danger bats pose to humans

Unfortunately the bat still enjoys the dubious honor of being the number one vector animal for Rabies.  Which is further complicated because they remain asymptomatic while they are infected.  So they may show no sign of illness while rabid, as in other mammals most certainly do.

When bats move into your home, their waste accumulates quickly.  this exposes humans to Histoplasmosis, a fungal infection.


What to do when bats are near

Don’t take matters into your own hand,  no one should be in close proximity to bats without receiving pre exposure rabies prophylaxis.  Bat exclusions are the only method approved by the national and state Bat Conservancy.  Other methods expose humans to harm and lead to injury to bats.  The quicker method of bat “trapping” caused significant injury and death by forcing bats atop each other in a small enclosure.  Remember killing bats is in violation of state law. Bat exclusions should only be attempted by a trained professional such as L & R Wildlife Services. Small oversights in the process will inevitably lead to failure or greater complications, such as bats being forced into the living area of the building.

Bat Control Lakeland

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