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Humane Animal Removal

We pride ourselves in our human treatment of animals.

I am versed in breeding seasons and able to determine if a female is lactating.

We don’t separate young from mother.

Traps are set in areas to reduce stress( out of direct sun and wind, covered to minimize stress.

Vehicle provides heat and AC for animals.

Using appropriate sized traps(both too large and too small can cause injury) and avoiding trapping when possible, by resolving issues which may be attracting wildlife.

I also investigated and prosecuted cruelty cases as an animal control officer.

Important Rules for Human Animal Removal

In most cases all species have the same protections. Exceptions are bats, where exclusion is the only acceptable method of removal. And the pup season in FL is 4/15 to 8/15, during which time disturbing bats is strictly forbidden.

All native song birds are protected under the Migratory Bird act and any injury or death as a result of control methods is prosecutable by federal law.  Any threatened or endangered species cannot , in most cases, be trapped or removed without special FWC involvement.