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LisaPossum001Can you do your own wildlife control? Probably a better question is: Should you do your own wildlife control? You might want to ask yourself the following before you decide to do so.

1. Do you know the exact species you are dealing with and are you familiar with their behavior and breeding cycles?  Not knowing can be a bigger problem than you might expect.  Rather than covering multiple species, lets take raccoons as an example. They constitute a large part of my, well meaning, do it yourselfers, calling me in a panic.  Did you know a mother raccoon is a master at hiding her young.  She often picks multiple locations, and rotate the young from place to place.  Mom may even sleep in a separate location, so as not to give away the youngsters location.  Most commonly people trap mom without knowing the young are hidden in a remote location.  Once mom is gone things get complicated.  If the young are not mobile yet, you will, within a week deal with the overwhelming smell of the unfortunate young who have not survived.  Now finding them in a wall or such is your next challenge.  If the young by chance are already mobile, within a few days you have another problem to deal with.  Now you have starving young, who will do most anything to obtain a meal,  tearing your house apart, or even emerging and climbing your pant legs, screaming for a meal.  I have unfortunately seen both scenarios way to often

Your certain to fair better if you call a professional

2.Have you received pre exposure rabies prophylaxis?  When putting yourself in the path of potential contact with any animal you need to ask this question.  Entering an area where an animal resides or may be raising young isn’t always recommended for the novice.  All mammals potentially may contract rabies, and without protection before exposure you face the lengthy, painful, and extremely painful series of post rabies exposure prophylaxis.

Truthfully the cost of either pre, or post exposure prophylaxis will far exceed the cost of hiring a professional.

3. Are you familiar with the myriad of disease animal waste exposes you to?  We could, quite literally, spend days discussing these illnesses. But suffice to say, the waste products of all wildlife puts you in significant danger of contracting a number of bacterial, and fungal infections, some of which may be fatal. Without the proper respirators and other personal protection equipment, this can be a dangerous activity.

Hiring a professional eliminates your exposure, and your family and pets exposure to these dangers

4. Do you have the experience to prevent future problems. A reputable wildlife control professional will be able to make repairs and offer you a guarantee that you your home or business remains pest free. It can be extremely frustrating to put the work  in to eliminate a problem to have it reoccur within weeks, months or even a year.

A professional will see to it that this doesn’t happen to you