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When the need to perpetuate the species ensues…

I was reminded what time of year it was this morning when I got into my truck to begin rounds, just after sunrise, when I noticed a male cardinal in a heated battle with his reflection in my mirror. Obviously he was protecting his territory from a perceived threat, and breeding rights that come with that. I later noticed that the battle he was engaged in was so fierce that there were droplets of blood on said mirror. So much so, that when I returned I covered my mirrors to prevent this determined cardinal from injuring himself seriously.

The breeding season makes your home or business a very desirable place for wildlife to safely raise their young.

It doesn’t take much to become a target a loose bit of soffit, or minor wood damage on fascia, becomes an invitation. Any place a squirrel can find a minor damaged edge, they will take that opportunity to chew a hole sufficient to enter. Once in, nothing is safe from these powerful chewers. Wires, pvc pipes, wood and anything else in the attic can be chewed.

A loose bit of soffit, or screen in an attic vent is very easily grasped and peeled back (with great ease) by a raccoon. The entry is only the damage you can easily see. Raccoons have opposable thumbs and can wreak havoc on anything stored in the attic. They also have a habit of picking a specific area to use as a bathroom, like a litter box. And repeatedly relieve themselves in the same spot. Obviously not desirable as it stains, causes odor and can even cause ceiling collapse!

If you have an uncapped chimney, chimney swifts are frequent guests. They tend to be quite loud and leave a great deal of waste in your flue. Being protected under the Migratory Bird Act, once they set up housekeeping and eggs are present, we cannot disturb them until the young are fledged.

Bats are now in their pup season, and under Florida Law they are not to be disturbed from April 15 through August 15. To be sure the pups are mature enough to survive on their own. That doesn’t mean its advised to ignore the problem until August. We can allow the bats to remain in their current roost(s), but we can seal any other potential, inactive entry points on your home, until such time as we can exclude the bats from your home. Also FWC will issue an extension to remove bats during pup season, under the right circumstances, that will require a professional to be involved in the application and exclusion process.

In any case as always, when the call of the wild is coming from your attic, call the Wildlife Removal Experts!