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Why is the call of the wild coming from your attic?

It’s probably better to ask what makes my home attractive to wildlife?

If  wildlife is invading your home or business, you’ll probably find that you are, unknowingly, providing some of the animals necessities.

Animals needs are no different than ours.  They engage in a daily quest to obtain, food, water, shelter and places to raise their young.  You may simply be unwittingly, providing these needs.  Therefore the wildlife is simply accepting the offer.

Let’s look at one example.  Using the common gray squirrel for this scenario.  Do you have oak trees that provide acorns? Better yet, do you feed birds? You have now provided food.  Do you have trees that overhang, or are within 6 feet of your roof?  you’ve provided access.  are there any areas of, damaged or missing, fascia, drip plate or soffits? you’ve now provided entry.  In essence the squirrel is accepting the food and free room and board offered.

Most often when I respond to snake complaints I find that there is an unchecked insect or rodent problem.  Also there is normally a scrub or wood pile near the home, providing a favored shelter for snakes.

Another thing to bear in mind, is that one animal problem often leads to the next animal problem.  For instance raccoons will gladly use an entry chewed by a smaller animal to their advantage.  They can pull and tear this into a larger opening and gladly evict the current occupant, to make the place their own. Prevention saves you money in property damages and sorting out proper wildlife removal.

Here are a few simple things to pay close attention to, in order to prevent problems:

1. Inspect crawlspaces, soffits, fascia, and  drip plates for small gaps (1/2 inch or larger)

2. Install Chimney caps or animal proof barriers

3. Install animal proof (metal) vent guards on external dryer, and exhaust vents

We are your specialist for animal damage control, but bear in mind we can help with prevention as well.